Invite from the Principal

Choosing the right college for your daughter’s secondary education is a life changing decision. National statistics on education show clearly that an educational environment dedicated exclusively to the needs of young women allows them to outperform students in any other educational setting.

Our school, with its outstanding reputation for nurturing personal academic and co-curricular excellence offers that educational environment.

We are one of the top girls’ colleges in the country. Our mission statement “Empowering Tomorrow’s Women” encapsulates our determination to provide our students with the confidence, insights and initiatives that will ensure success, equipping them to meet the challenges and opportunities of the contemporary educational world.

It is the goal of the college to achieve individual excellence for every student. 93% of our school leavers will leave with academic qualifications, as well as national titles in sport and cultural activities.

Strong student leadership opportunities as well as a diversity of other experiences equip them to be the future citizens and leaders of our nation.

In an environment that has as its focus the education of young women, your daughter can achieve, participate, assume responsibility and gain self confidence.

Strong work ethics are promoted and expected. Reliability, punctuality, personal presentation, productivity, positive relationships and responsibility are all emphasized.

Co-operative and independent learning activities, extension and accelerated learning, academic and vocational curriculum choices, career and tertiary educational guidance all contribute to the setting and achieving of individual educational goals.

Entrust your daughter to us as we forge a partnership of support and encouragement for the setting and achievement of goals and active participation in the life of the college. She joins a college community that is founded on high standards, active participation, determination, discipline and

I am proud of this school, its staff and students and I invite you to take up the opportunities we provide as the beginning of a partnership that will empower your daughter as one of tomorrow’s women.

Pauline Cowens

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